Thursday, September 17, 2009

I did not fall off the face of the Earth I promise! :]

Well Hello All!
It has been almost 4 months now and I have not blogged one little blog.. :[
Sorry sometimes life hits you speedy fast!
There is a lot is type about and a short attention span (of the typer) so here we go.
First we went to Colorado! That was a way fun trip. :]
We all had a super time. There are pictures on my mom's blog so I will not bore you with the same old same old. :]
Next we returned from colorado and I went work at everybody's favorite resutarant Lucky's Grill . Ha :] I had another successful summer but am yet agian left jobless. Boo.
I worked and worked and then worked some more. '
My granny spent some time is the hospital and then got better and is now having a better more efficent life. I guess..
I then quit Lucky's agian.. And went back to school YAH!! :]
I am currently a junior in High School.
I still attend Pocatello High School.
I love it there and would not go anywhere else! :]
In 5 days I will be 17 only a year away from adulthood..
Woo Hoo!
I am excited for that..
Well that basically brings us current. :]
Ta Dah I did not fall off the face of the earth see I have just been super busy!

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  1. Shea, Shea, Shea! Glad to read a new post! Hey, we really missed not seeing you guys when we were there over labor day weekend. I guess your Dad said you were all sick. We're coming up again over conference weekend (the first weekend in October) So tell everyone to plan on being healthy that weekend. P.S. Happy Early Birthday!
    P.P.S. What happened with your grandma? Tell her I'm glad to hear she's okay! Sounds like you had a good summer! We hope the school year goes great for you! We miss you guys!
    -Rachel, Jordan, Madison and Paul