Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey all! :)
Facebook seems to be way cooler and more convient than blogging! :)
However, I deicded that I have a blog I might as well use it. Ha
I am still a Junior and have roughly 23 days of school left!
After that I will be a senior and that will be SWEET.
I still have braces and am hoping to get those off is June and as soon as I do there will be pcitures. Who knows they might be senior pictures. Iam hoping to have a job interview at Ross Park Pool to work in the concession stand. I can't swim so lifeguard would not be a good idea. :D So wish me luck I have an interview on Wednesday. Hmm. What else is new and exciting... I am the Senior Class Vice President. I ran for student body but I lost. Not by much though. :) I am hoping to get a new car.. I still drive Phyllis and as soon as I get some money she is going to get the boot! Something else that is pretty sweet is that I have carried straight A's this entire year! :D First time I have since like the 4th grade. Darn those LAME B's. :) That is a little update. Hopefully the next time I am braces free! :) Because I doubt I will get on before then ha. :)


  1. Wow! Look at you Girl! Senior Class Vice Pres!! Straight A's!! Summer job possible - Good Luck - let me know as soon as you know if you got the job!
    I think you have everything going for you! Keep in touch!

  2. Thanks Rachel! :)
    I will let you know.