Sunday, May 31, 2009

How did I get out of 10th grade alive?!?

Two posts in a row!
That Is what I get for slacking I guess! :]
Finally its here.. :]
Sophomore year was a good one!
I came out of there hanging on to B in geometry!
Which kicked my butt!!
I aced the rest of my classes.
Math in any form has always given me a tough time.. :/
I made it out with two of my best friends Kaitlyn and Amanda!
That is more than I can say for past years..
I also learned who I should have dropped a long long time ago and not to worry what they have to say or think!
Over all the year ended on a high note and I hope that will carry on into the summer and into next year! :]

Me and Amanda
Amanda, Me, Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn and Amanda

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  1. Cute update Shea! It makes me miss you guys so much! Hope summer is still treating you well! Come visit again anytime!