Sunday, May 31, 2009

No you call me Babe!

Geese!! :]
I am a slacker I sit around all day and can't even manage to get a blog posted what the HECK!Anyway now that I have decided to get caught up here we go!
Starting with Memorial Day weekend. :]
We went down to Spanish Fork/ Orem/Lehi where ever the heck we were!
We stayed with the Smith Family!
For those who can't remember or did not know they were our neighbors across the street.
They moved back to Utah in Feb. or some where around there..
We got to play with their cute little kids! Madison and Paul!
Madison is a little chatter box! :] Often asking "A what a Boomer doing?"
She followed him a round and did exactly what he did! It was cute. :]
Paul he is just a little chub. :]

Paul was not to into the picture taking!

Broke the window out of our suburban!
He hit a foul ball and hit our car and our window shattered.
The only thing holding it up was the tint and so my dad went out there a pushed it out..
We looked like GHETTO white trash with our little plastic cover over it! :]
He thought he was cool.. :]

Taylee and I were good buddies for a day!
After that she told me she did not want to talk to me I was not her friend anymore! :]
While at lunch we played a game she refered to as "The Honey Game"
This is how our conversation went:
Tay: "Will you play the honey game with me?"
Shea: "Sure..."
Tay: "Good!"
Tay: " How is your lunch Honey?"
Shea: "Good honey!"
Tay: "NO! You call me Babe!!" :] (Hence the title of the blog..)
Shea: "Oh.. Sorry.."
Tay: "How is your lunch Honey?"
Shea: "Good Babe!"
We went on with that game for 10 or 15 min.
Then we got to play mommy and baby game!
Apparently I make a good baby! :]

Yeah I must not have been too into taking a picture but this is the only one of us together!

Over all it was a super fun trip! We got to see some good baseball and just hangout! It was a good fun trip before final tests! :]

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  1. I heard about the window being broken out. So awesome.